The IVM Messenger

We design, build, professionally record and maintain a customized solution that does "exactly what you and your customers want." Nothing to purchase, install or maintain.
  • Take pressure off of your phone lines
  • Better manage your call flow
  • Free up your receptionist
  • Reduce cellular phone costs through better use of voice messaging
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase customer contacts to strengthen your customer base
  • Strengthen your professional image

Voicemail Transfer

Transfer callers to voicemail using your current telephones, no matter what brand phone equipment or telephone company you use.

Company Directories

Provide private messaging for everyone in your organization, designated by name, department or extension number.

Guaranteed Emergency Response

Never miss an important call. Notify five people in a sequence you control.

Unified Messaging

Send voice and fax messages to your existing e-mail address.

Auto Attendant

Let callers choose the person or department they want.
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