The TCM Messenger

TCM is compatible with any phone system. There is no need for an expensive PBX or special phones. You can replace any telco voice mail with our one number "Find Me - Follow Me" virtual office system.

Imagine, working from your favorite E-mail program and receiving your E-mails, Faxes and Voicemails from one place. Imagine if you never have to check Voicemail again and your messages are delivered to you the way you want and when you want them.

The "Find Me - Follow Me" feature means never being out of touch and never having to apologize for being busy.

Enhanced Voice Mail Service:

  • Call screening service
  • One number service
  • Automated attendant
  • E-mail delivery of messages
  • Caller ID on each message
  • Multiple greetings
  • Web-based user management
  • Transer messages
  • Never-busy fax center
  • Pager and cell phone notification
  • Scheduling to change availability
  • Receive fax and voicemails online with no phone charges

Out-Dialing and Conferencing

  • Return calls directly from your box while hearing the message
  • Place outbound calls from your box
  • Six person highest-quality conferencing
  • "Tap" record conversations "on-the-fly"

Email and Internet Features

  • Place IP calls into your box from any internet connection; no phone needed
  • E-mail delivery of all messages
  • E-mail delivery of all faxes
  • Web-based user management
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